Seller’s Guide

Begin your online business by setting up an account in three easy steps:

1) Account Registration

  • Access to “My Account” without login any account first
  • In the registration form, kindly please select “Register as a vendor” and fill in the required fields such as username, business email, password, phone number & store URL.

2) Start Selling

  • Login your vendor account and select “Seller Dashboard” on main menu.
  • Now, you can start selling your products.

1) Seller Dashboard

  • Login to our “Seller Dashboard” to access a large range of tools designed for sellers.

2) Check for Order

  • Keep track of your processing orders by heading to “Order” in Seller Dashboard.

3) Product Listing

  • List your products individually.

4) Deliver Product

  • Pack your products and send them via your preferred courier services or self-delivery. Once you have provided your buyers with the tracking number, the order status will be automatically updated to “Shipped” status.

5) Buyer’s Purchase Confirmation

  • Once the order has been shipped, your buyers are encouraged to click on “Confirm Delivery” to acknowledge that they’ve received their order. (The order status will be updated to “Confirm Delivery” automatically after 14 days from the day that you shipped your product).

6) Receive Earning

  • Upon “Confirm Delivery”, you will receive the earning in your account in “Withdraw” tabs in Seller Dashboard. Kindly please send a withdraw request to SHOPISELL to withdraw your balance to your withdrawal account.

1) How do I become a seller on SHOPISELL?

  • To become a seller, fill in the registration form at “My Account“. After you have clicked the “Register” button, you can start listing your products.

2) How much is the registration fee?

  • There is no registration fee and you can list your products for free! A small transaction fee will be charged for products that have been sold.

3) Can individual sellers use a brand name or logo as their store name?

  • Sellers are not allowed to use any copyrighted brands (e.g. Apple) as their name except for direct distributors.

1) How does product ranking works on SHOPISELL?

  • There are many factors considered in product ranking. All the buyers are allow to rank your product after purchased. Besides that, in order to encourage sellers to manage their customer satisfaction and service quality levels, buyers are able to edit their existing ranking and comments.

2) How do buyers interact or communicate with sellers?

  • Buyers can interact or communicate with the sellers through live chat that is provided by SHOPISELL.

3) Which withdraw methods does SHOPISELL support for seller balance withdrawal?

  • Currently, SHOPISELL only supports PAYPAL for seller balance withdrawal.

4) How long does the process of seller balance withdrawal takes?

  • Seller balance withdrawal takes approximately three business days after the date of request of seller.

5) Which country that I can sell my products?

  • SHOPISELL supports worldwide except South Sudan, Yemen, Crimea and Syria. As a SHOPISELL seller, you need to ensure that all your products are available to sell to the countries that SHOPISELL supports .

1) Can I change a product status from ready stock to preorder if my product is currently out of stock?

  • No, you cannot change the type of product status. You are advised to put the correct stock quantity as the product listing will be automatically removed if the stock quantity is zero.

2) How do I check on the orders that have been placed for my products?

  • You can check your orders by going to Seller Dashboard –> Order.

3) Should I update my order status?

  • Yes, kindly please update your order status as “Awaiting Shipment” when you are packing your products and add the tracking information after you have shipped your products. Once you have added the tracking information, your order status will be automatically updated to “Shipped”.

4) How long does it takes for my order status to be changed to “Confirm Delivery”?

  • Only the product buyer is permitted to update order status to “Confirm Delivery” when they receive your products. Besides that, the system will automatically update the order status to “Confirm Delivery” after 14 days from the day you shipped your product if the buyer does not confirm that the product has been delivered.

1) How do I check whether the balance withdrawal payment has been made into my account?

  • After you have submitted your withdraw request, SHOPISELL requires 1 day to process the request. Besides that, you can check your withdraw status on Seller Dashboard > Withdraw.

2) When do I receive payment after I have delivered a product?

  • Your payment will be received instantly into your account on SHOPISELL after the buyers update the order status to “Confirm Delivery” or 14 days after you have shipped your products.

1) How do I verify that the product has been successfully delivered to the buyer?

  • Once the buyer receives a product and selects “Confirm Delivery”, this status is visible to you in Sell Dashboard > Order.

2) Does SHOPISELL have a delivery policy? When must I deliver a product once a payment has been made?

  • Yes. After payment is confirmed, you have to proceed with delivering the products within a maximum of 3 working days and update the product status to “Awaiting Shipment”. Otherwise the order will be cancelled and refunded automatically.

3) Can I deliver a product directly to the buyer without using a courier service?

  • Yes. You can choose “Direct Delivery” as the shipping method at the product listing stage.

4) What are the courier service providers used by SHOPISELL for delivery?

  • SHOPISELL gives sellers full freedom to select their own courier service and shipping fee for different locations.

5) Does SHOPISELL offer Cash On Delivery as a payment method?

  • No, SHOPISELL does not offer Cash On Delivery (COD).

1) How can I process the cancellation or refund if my buyer request on these?

  • Cancellation request is only available if the payment has not been made yet. Meanwhile, refund request supports full refund, partial refund, and shipping fee refund.
    Kindly please select the order on Seller Dashboard and select Refund request. SHOPISELL requires approximately 1 working day to process the request. The balance will be refunded directly to the buyer account and deducted from the balance of the seller. The order status also will be changed to “Refunded”.

2) Can buyers request to exchange product?

  • Yes, it depends on your store’s policy. You can exchange the product with your buyer if it meets your seller policy. For example, damaged product. We encourage sellers to meet the customer satisfaction to prevent negative comment and ranking. SHOPISELL is authorized to handle the order if we receive complaint from buyers that seller does not take the responsibility to handle the order.

3) What is SHOPISELL return policy?

  • The return policy fully depends on your store policy. You can submit a refund request to SHOPISELL after you have received the returned product from your buyer.

1) What are the fees that Shopisell charges?

  • Shopisell will not charge any commission fee of sellers’ sales.
  • PayPal payment gateway fee will be charged for each sale.

2) How many percent of commission does Shopisell charge?

  • Shopisell does not charge any commission. Sellers are responsible to pay the payment gateway fee only.

3) How many percent of order total does PayPal charge?

  • In order to protect the buyer and seller for all the transactions, Shopisell uses the most famous and reputable payment gateway in the world which is PayPal. PayPal will charge 4.4% of your order total and USD 0.30 for each transaction. Your order total is the product’s price plus its shipping cost.